Psychology Lab

S.No. Test Name
1 Achievement Motivation  Test Dr. D. gopal Rai
2 Battery of Performance Intelligent Test (BPIT-B) (Age group 11 to 16 years) Bhatia
3 Case Study Form (CSF – BR) Hindi / English Santosh Dixit
4 Verbal Test of Creative Thinking Dr. Roma Pal
5 Emotional Intelligence Test for Students Prof. K.S. Misra
6 Family enviornment Inventory Prof. K.S. Misra
7 Finger Maze Simple  
8 Group Intellience Test Dr. S.R. Jalota
9 Koh’s Block Design Performance test for Intelligence  
10 Mental Health Inventory Dr. R.B. , Dr. Jagdish & Dr. A.K. Srivastav
11 Muller Layer Illusion with stand  
12 Mirror drawing Simple  
13 Personality Questionnaire (A-Form) Dr. Karuna Shanker Misra
14 Personality Need Inventory Pro K.S. Misra
15 Problem Solving Abilities Test Dr. Roop Rekha Garg
16 Scientific Attitude Questionnaire Dr. Karuna Shanker Misra
17 Stress Scale for students Pro K.S. Misra & Dr. S.P. Pandy
18 Scientific Knowledge and Aptitude test S. Chatterji & Manjula Mukerjee
19 Self – Concept Inventory Dr. Beena Shah
20 Scientific Attitude Scale Dr. N.N. Shrivastava
21 Test of Mathematics Achievement Dr. Meera Jayaswal & M.K. Hussain
22 Stress Scale Dr. P. Puri, Dr. Tejinder Kaur and Manju Mehta
23 Self- Concept Scale Dr. Mukta Rani Rastogi
24 Verbal Intelligence test Dr. Mahu Asthana & Dr. Kiran B. Verma
25 Stress scale amoung Students Teacher Prof. K.S. Misra