Gargi Award

Our students are participate many completion. They proof them self.kanchan sisodia and meera kitawat are awarded by Gargi award.

Dev Narayan Yojna

girls from BA Departments are given Scooty by Dev Narayan Yojna. Students name Kanchan Sisodia,Meera Kitawat,Radha Lohar,Seeta Prajapat.

Teacher’s day

Students celebrate the teacher’s day in respect of sir/madam. They give our thanks and take blessing from respected sir.this is celebrate on 5 sept.

Celebrate Hindi Day

We celebrate the Hindi Day and feel that we are Indian. We should understand the value of hindi. Hindi day is celebrated on 14 sept. of every year.

Fresher Party

The fresher party welcome to new student and 2nd year students give welcome to their junior by giving a party .This function is organized in the month of sep. 2013 and the winner of fresher party are
Mr. Fresher – Deepak Paliwal
Miss Fresher -Chaaru Uoadhyay


This is last function of BCA department. 2nd year student give their thanks to their senior. This function is organized in month of feb. 2014.

Sports Meet

Sport meet is the function where the student show their talent beside the educational part. This whole week student participate in different- different activity (TT, Cricket, Painting.etc). This function is organized in month of Feb.-2013.


Students and faculty both went outside to interact with each other and enjoy. Picnic is the part of co-educational activity and students to motivate in group work. We went to Jhameshwer Mahadev(Udaipur).

Annual Day

The main purpose of this function is to appreciate the students and the faculty members, who gives best results and got position in various activities during current session(education as well as co-curricular activities).