• Comfortable air-cooled interiors and seatings.
  • Buses for all major routes within 50-KM radius.
  • Speed governers installed in every bus for safety.
  • Seperate buses for Faculty and Staff-Member.
  • Well experienced Drivers and Cabin Crew.
  • F.A box, fire extinguishers & emergency exit.


Sailent Features

  1. Nathdwara Groupp of Institutes owns and operates a fleet of sixteen College buses which transport over 700 students to College campuses from various destinations in radius of 50 kilometers, each day.
  2. The bus fleet is regularly serviced with our qualified mechanics under a quality assured preventative maintenance schedule. This is vital to ensure ongoing bus safety as well as to maintain the punctuality of route schedules.
  3. In addition, our drivers regularly participate in ongoing Bus Passenger Safety courses. Buses are subject to annual mechanical audits carried out by Road Safety Inspections and our management maintenance systems have passed, with high standards, audits from the Department of Infrastructure.
  4. All buses have FIRST-AID Boxes, Fire-Extinguishers and Emergency Exits. All buses are strictly in accordance to rules and regulations abide from RTO and monitored in timely manner to ensure the utmost safety.
  5. College bus drivers are chosen for their expertise, character and ability to relate to students. Senior student bus captains also assist the drivers to ensure that bus travellers use appropriate and safe behaviour whilst travelling to and from the College.
  6. The College bus routes are determined annually, taking into account routes that travel as close as is practicable to students’ homes, whilst ensuring the practical timing of the bus run.
  7. Regular buses are available for college campus from following destination and all the destinations with-in the routes.

For further details and assitance regarding the buses, you may feel free to contact Mr. S.D. Khan – [9828089249]
You can download Bus Route Plan which have list of all the stoppage for individaul buses and annual charges details.