S.No. Particulars Total Number
1 Total no. of Books 9301
2 Encyclopedia 17
3 Journals 10
4 Newspaper 5
5 Perodicals 5
  • Study and Reference Books, Also includes Magazines and Periodicals Sections
  • Large Collection of National and International Journals.
  • Reading Halls, Special reading rooms for Faculties and Staff.
  • Easy library operations through ERP assisted Bar-Code systems.
  • Stock of about 10,000 latest books, collection of audio/video CDs.
  • Kept open and accessible 10 hours daily with DELNET Facility.

Sailent Features

Well stocked – about 10,000 latest books to cater the requirement of all the students.
Large collection of National, International Journals, Study and Reference Books.
BOOK BANK FACILITY – Allow students to take all the required books in the begining of the session and return back at the end of the session, nominal book bank charges.
Seperate reading halls for students, faculties and other staff members.
Fully Computerized Library Management System, with DELNET & ERP Softwares.
Online workstation connected with 24×7, 2Mbps Internet Connectivity.
Sections :-
Audio- Visual Library Section.
Career Guidance Section.
Magazines and Periodicals Section.
Newspaper Section.
Seperate Reference Section for important and rare books
Easy Operation through automated library procedure and bar-code system.
Digital Library – Provides access to e-Journals, and to download desired materials through internet.